extreme-volleyball.JPG I’m just about to start on my first chilli con carne dinner. We will be eating this for the next four days. It is such a disgusting meal that we all left it right to the end hoping we would never have to eat it. What a mistake to make! But camp rules state that we have to eat six days worth of our own left over food before we can enjoy the camp’s mouthwatering three cooked meals a day. We were due to fly out two days ago but are currently experiencing a huge Antarctic storm. Snow, wind and very low visibility. The weather forecast for the next few days is not looking good. The peak of the storm is expected to arrive on Friday. If this isn’t the peak I don’t know what the peak is going to be like. Our tent is starting to look a little bit bedraggled.
It’s now become a waiting game and it is a little bit like being in prison. There is very little to do and we are wondering how long it will be before we start to go mad. We are in good company here though. Our inmates at Patriot Hills include a famous film director and a TV presenter from Kazakhstan (not Borat).
Today we strung together some aviation nets and played a game of volleyball at -10 degrees. It was quite difficult to stay on your feet but was a really fun way to spend some time. We are all now nursing hand injuries from using a frozen ball though. These injuries add to the catalogue of other minor injuries that we have endured. Sunburn, chilblains, blisters, bruises, coldsores, split thumbs and Ian has a minor cold injury on his nose. I’m sure there will be some injuries as a result of eating the chilli too. I’ve only had two spoonfuls and my mouth is already on fire!