weather.JPG I’m writing this update listening to the wind whistling past the tent. As I look out of the small window I can’t see another tent which is little more than 100 metres away. The wind is swirling at the door and every so often we get up and shovel snow to allow us in and out. As I mentioned we are back in Patriot Hills after 30 days on the ice. We were due to leave Antarctica today but as I have come to learn over the past 5 weeks, nothing here is certain. The current prediction is for better weather on Thursday, 4 days away so we have been (and will be) looking for ways to entertain ourselves. real-food-at-last.JPGI was hoping to do more science but the weather has prevented that. Instead, last night we earned our dinner by giving a presentation about our expedition to other clients at Patriot Hills. It was really well received. Today we have occupied ourselves with the game Balderdash, a lecture about Scuba Diving in Antarctica and Die Hard 4 on a rather small laptop screen! Now it is a question of waiting and keep our fingers crossed we will be home for Xmas!