frosty-ian.JPGYesterday we had another great day of progress, managing to walk 15.4km. This put us within 32.5km of Patriot Hills, and by our reckoning, just two days more of travel. This was of course if the weather would be kind to us, and unfortunately today it hasn’t. We’ve recorded temperatures of -30 deg C with wind chill, and with drifting snow the chances of exposed skin getting frostnip is too high. So we’ve been forced to stay in the tents today. It’s a real shame because we were feeling really proud of ourselves. drifted-up-tent.JPGTeam spirit has been really high lately. We have a feeling that we can achieve anything, especially after our gruelling marathon over the top of Connell Canyon, and the progress we’ve made since. We originally planned to take seven days to walk back from there, and so far it’s looked as if we could do it in four! Now though, it’s looking like we will have to be picked up tomorrow, as we need a spare day to finish off our science projects, ready to fly out on Monday.